Wheel accessories for the Tesla Model 3

tesla model 3 wheel centre cover caps

While the Tesla Model 3 might be the most popular EV on the market currently, this doesn’t mean that it is perfect. In fact, even if it was, being able to customize your car can add to the performance, and protect key features, while altering the visual aesthetic in a style that suits you. And for the Tesla Model 3, there are a whole array of accessories to help personalize and transform your vehicle. This includes centre console wraps, carbon fiber spoilers and even wheel accessories. But what are the most popular wheel accessories for the Tesla Model 3? And what can these bring to your driving experience? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are the UK’s number one EV accessory experts. And this is our guide to the accessories you need to transform the wheels of your Tesla Model 3.

What are the most popular wheel accessories for the Tesla Model 3?

There are several wheel accessories available for this Tesla Model, including:

  • Wheel bands
  • Caliper covers
  • Lug nut covers and centre caps

Tesla Model 3 wheel bands

Wheel bands offer high quality, effective, curb rash protection for your Tesla Model 3 wheels. These are designed to prevent scuffing, scratches or damage from low speed (< 5 mph) curb impact situations. This could include parallel parking, driving into car wash tracks, or when pulling up to drive throughs and ticket machines. As a result of installing these wheel bands, you can be sure that your wheels will stay in great condition, and you can save money on unnecessary scratch repairs and reconditioning for your wheels. This can also help your vehicle retain value.

Caliper covers

Caliper covers for the Tesla Model 3 can bring a unique, high performance edge to your vehicle. These are specifically designed to fit over the Tesla Model 3 stock factory brake calipers, which can actually be quite an ugly part of the vehicle. But caliper covers can transform this into a stunning visual feature.

But caliper covers aren’t just for aesthetic value. In fact these can also act as a protective brake dust shield to help keep your wheel trims and rims looking clean and shiny for longer. This means you wont need to spend so much time cleaning the intricate design of the Model 3 wheel trims.

Lug nut covers and centre caps

tesla model 3 wheel centre cover caps

To personalize your wheels and add your own design touch to the Tesla Model 3, lug nut covers and centre caps can be a great idea. These are designed to fit smoothly over the Tesla Model 3 factory wheel lug nuts, changing the colour and the style of your wheels.
Centre caps bring the Tesla logo to the very centre of your wheels. Available in a number of different colours, these can be selected to suit the style and colour of your vehicle, or to create contrast and add a splash of colour.
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