Transform your Tesla Model 3 with exterior accents

tesla model 3 performance with carbon finre spoiler

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle offering incredible performance and stunning visual design. But customisation is always something that can make any product, including a vehicle, even better. And there are a number of effective and practical accessories for the Tesla Model 3, including console wraps, puddle light upgrades, and new all terrain floor mats. But what about the outside of the Tesla? Well, you can transform your Tesla Model 3 with exterior accents. And here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for electric vehicles. As a result, we have compiled this list of the best exterior accessories and accents for your Tesla Model 3.

1. Carbon Fiber Spoiler

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle designed to deliver performance, as well as high tech success and excitement, in a unique way. And the EVANNEX carbon fiber ‘Saber’ spoiler is designed to enhance this. Understated but classy, the carbon fiber spoiler can visually transform the sports sedan Tesla Model 3 by following the curvature of the boot. Available in a gloss or matt finish, the carbon fiber spoiler can make all the difference to your Tesla Model 3.

Installing the Saber spoiler is simple, as this is affixed with very high bond (VHB) double-sided adhesive tape. This is a regularly used tape throughout the auto industry, and means that no drilling or screws are necessary. The spoiler is designed to easily withstand the forces associated with high-speed driving.

2. Mirror covers

To give your Tesla Model 3 a unique style you could consider mirror covers. Designed with a performance aesthetic in mind, just like the carbon fiber spoiler, the mirror covers are available in either a chrome or carbon fiber finish. These are custom-made by EVANNEX to fit your side mirrors, and can be easily applied in just a few minutes, without requiring any custom tools.

You can rest assured that this Tesla Model 3 accessory will not get in the way of functionality, with the mirrors more than able to open and close on command, when equipped with mirror covers.

3. Rear Reflector Trim Pieces

The Tesla Model 3 reflectors sit low on the vehicle and are recessed in the bumper. To give your car a unique and distinctive look and feel, the EVANNEX rear reflector trims are custom designed to make your reflectors stand out. These fit evenly onto the contoured surface of the reflector recess. These can also be applied in just minutes with no tools.

4.Side camera housing covers

The small notch near the front wheel of the Tesla Model 3 is the side camera housing. From here, your Tesla can provide information about your surroundings. But you can enhance the way that this camera housing looks, with a cover. And this can also provide a layer of protection for the camera housing, which can be especially important in car parks, and on street parking.

For more information, or for more high quality accessories for your EV, why not get in touch today, with the experts here at EV Pimp?