Top 8 Tesla Model 3 accessories

tesla model 3 cup holder grip clip

When it comes to accessories for the Tesla Model 3, you can be spoilt for choice. From practical and protective accessories and upgrades, to aesthetic and visual accessories, there are a number of different options available. But what are the most important, effective, or popular accessory choices? Well, there are several. And here at EV Pimp, as leading EV accessory experts, we have produced our list of the Tesla Model 3 accessories you don’t want to miss out on.

Centre console vinyl wrap – to transform the interior appearance of your Tesla Model 3, a vinyl wrap for the centre console can be incredibly effective. Available in a range of colours and styles, you can personalize your vehicle, while also offering protection from scratches and marks. You could opt for a high gloss white, a carbon fibre, or even a timber effect finish.

Wireless phone charger– if your phone is capable of wireless charging, a wireless charger for your Tesla Model 3 can be very practical. Capable of fast charging, and with a non-slip design, a wireless charger also means that you can have a safer driving experience, without trailing wires. This also provides the additional option for wired charging, if your passengers need to use it too.

All weather floor mats– to protect the floor of your Tesla Model 3, and to increase the resale value of your car, all weather floor mats can be a great option. These can prevent dirt, water stains and damage from all manner of weather conditions from building up on the floor of the Tesla Model 3, and protect the original carpets and floor mats.

Door sill vinyls– The door sills on the Tesla Model 3 can be quite easily marked or scratched by bags, jeans or even phones. A small vinyl protective layer can be very effective at preventing this problem, and protecting your car.

LED puddle lights– puddle lights on the Tesla Model 3 are designed to illuminate the floor directly underneath the door opening, when you step out of the vehicle at night. However, these are quite dull. A simple switch to an LED upgrade can increase the amount of light in this area by up to 16 times!

Boot organiser– to stop items rolling around in your boot, and to help keep your necessary belongings well organised, a boot organiser can be very effective. This can be used for the main boot, or for the cargo well.

Wheel bands – Wheel bands offer high quality, effective, curb rash protection for your Tesla Model 3 wheels. These are designed to prevent scuffing, scratches or damage from low speed (< 5 mph) curb impact situations.

Dashboard vinyl wrap– if you decide to change the colour and style of your Tesla Model 3 centre console, you could also opt for a dashboard vinyl wrap to match. This will also help prevent dust and fingermarks building up on your dashboard, as well as providing protection from scratches.

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