Tesla Model 3 interior vinyl kits

tesla model 3 centre console wrap

When it comes to the Tesla Model 3, the performance, style and tech are all difficult to beat. But the interior design is something that relates directly to personal opinion, with some people appreciating the style and design, and others using vinyl kits to personalize and customize their vehicle. And this customization doesn’t just change the visual aesthetic, it is also a useful option for adding practical protection measures too. But what are the different interior vinyl kits for the Tesla Model 3? And what kind of benefits can these bring? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specialising in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to the full range of Tesla Model 3 interior vinyl kits.

Different Tesla Model 3 interior vinyl kits

There are several different interior vinyl kits for the Tesla Model 3, that can be used for various parts of the interior of your vehicle. These include:

  • Dashboard vinyl kits
  • Centre console vinyl wraps
  • Steering wheel vinyl kits
  • Door control covers

Dashboard vinyl kits for the Tesla Model 3

One of the most talked about interior features of the Tesla Model 3 is the wood grain dashboard that comes as standard. While some Model 3 owners love it, others do not. But with a range of vinyl kits to overlay your dashboard trim, you can choose a style that suits you and your preferences. From carbon fiber to a matte gunmetal finish, there are a range of options available. These can also match with other vinyl kit options, so that your vehicle has a fully integrated style and a high quality appearance.

Centre console vinyl wraps

While the centre console in the Model 3 is definitely striking with the gloss black finish, this is not actually very practical. In fact, the glossy black finish is a magnet for fingerprints, dust and scratches that can really degrade the overall appearance of your Model 3. Centre console vinyl kits allow you to overlay this with a range of different vinyl options and colours that can not only personalize and add character to your vehicle, but can protect it with style too.

Steering wheel vinyl kits

A small but important trim feature int he Tesla Model 3 are the three spokes that move out from the centre of the steering wheel. While these may be minor, you could opt to customize these to match the centre console and dashboard vinyl kits for a stylish finish, completing the look and feel of your personalisation.

Door control covers

The controls and buttons found on the door handle of the Tesla Model 3 are trimmed with the same glossy black surface as the centre console. This means that when reaching for the controls, fingerprints, smudges and even scratches can quickly appear. Wrapping this small trim detail with vinyl can offer a good level of protection, and be the finishing touch for your interior design.

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