Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Strips

Tesla model 3 door seal strips

There are a wide range of practical and stylish accessories available for your Tesal Model 3. These can increase performance, or add a visual feature or aesthetic to personalize your electric vehicle. One option is to choose rubber door seal strips. But what are these? And what kind of advantages can these bring to your Tesla Model 3 driving experience? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for all manner of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the advantages of installing door seal strips in your Tesla Model 3.

What are door seal strips?

Door seal strips are strips of high quality EPDM expandable hollowed sponge rubber that can be fitted to your Tesla Model 3 doors to reduce external noise and road noise.

Why should you choose door seal strips for your Tesla Model 3?

Adding after market door seals to your Tesla Model 3 might not be as flashy as a performance bumper, but this is designed to bring practical advantages. The associated benefits include:

  • Reducing the noise level inside the vehicle – when driving a Tesla Model 3, the most common complaint is noted as being the in cabin noise. External road noises and sounds can be distracting when driving, and they can also make it uncomfortable for conversations with your passengers. These door seals are designed to add a high level of sound insulation to your Tesla Model 3. By tightening the space around the door frames, these can prevent wind and road noises from disturbing your driving experience.
  • High quality materials – door seals are made from a high quality EPDM rubber sponge material that is very effective at absorbing sound waves. But this is also fully waterproof and weatherproof, with a high level resistance to hot and cold temperatures. So wherever you, these door seals will have a good level of longevity.
  • Increasing the tightness of the doors – the rubber door seals add material to the inside of the door frame which takes up more space inside the door, narrowing any gaps. By increasing the tightness of the doors, the rubber door seal strips can also help improve the air quality in the cabin. This is because the air conditioning will work more effectively, and any cabin or engine cooling technology will be able to work more efficiently, without constantly cycling unwanted air from the door gaps.
  • Easy to install – the door seal strips are easy to install in three simple steps. Firstly, you will need to clean the door edge in the space where the door seal will be installed. Once this is clean and dry, apply an adhesion promoter to the surface. This will help ensure a secure connection. Finally, remove the red protective backing from the sealing and apply with a hard press to secure a firm installation.

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