Tesla Model 3 charging accessories

tesla model 3

Every electric car or vehicle needs to be plugged into a charger for a certain period of the day or night. Home charging points make this very efficient, as you can simply charge your vehicle as you sleep. But public charging spaces are available, and depending on your amount of travel, or daily commute, these can become a necessary part of your day. And wherever you charge, there are a number of accessories specifically designed to help improve this process, for your benefit. So what are the best Tesla Model 3 charging accessories? Well, as the leading EV accessory experts, here at EV Pimp, we have produced this guide to the most effective charging accessories for your Tesla Model 3. 

What are the top Tesla Model 3 charging accessories?

The charging accessories that we think every Tesla owner should be using include:

  • Charging bracket and holster
  • Additional portable charging cable
  • Latch lock covers 

Tesla Model 3 Charging bracket and holster

The mobile charging cable supplied with the Tesla Model 3 is essential for charging your EV when you’re out and about. But it’s also necessary for home charging too, unless you have a specialist charging point installed. And as a result, many Tesla owners simply leave this cable at home, and plug in when they get back. While this results in a slower charging rate, the 8 hours of charging while you sleep is usually plenty. But what do you do with the cable when it’s not in use? Well, its actually really important to take good care of the charging cable itself. Kinks can result in breakages over time, and the cable can also be a trip hazard, or at risk of even being run over. Using a charging bracket means that your cable can be safely organised, on the wall and out of the way. And using the holster can keep dirt, dust and moisture away from the connector, which will help keep it in good working order for longer. 

Tesla Model 3 additional portable charging cable

While this may not exactly fall into the category of an accessory, it is an additional item that may or may not be required. The Tesla Model 3 comes with a mobile charging cable, to keep you powered up wherever you are. But if you leave this at home in the garage and ready for use, as and when you need it, you should consider purchasing an additional, portable cable for when you are away from home. You never know when you might need it, just like carrying a spare tire in case of emergencies. We would advise that you choose a charging cable of around 10m in length, to give you increased flexibility and range. 

Tesla Model 3 Latch lock covers

Latch lock covers might not be related directly to charging, but they can be a great visual addition to your Tesla Model 3, in comparison to the standard latch locks. Available in a range of different styles and colours, you can choose latch lock covers to match the rest of the interior of your vehicle, for stylish, effective results. 

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