Tesla Model 3 Car Cover

car cover for the Tesla Model 3

When you think of accessories for the Tesla Model 3, you might not initially think of a car cover. Especially when there are a range of other, more visual features you could consider, like a centre console vinyl wrap. So why should you choose a car cover for the Tesla Model 3? Well, a car cover that is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3 can be a great option. This will bring a range of benefits and advantages. Here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you need to know about car covers for this Tesla Model.

Why should you choose a car cover for the Tesla Model 3?

Opting to cover your Tesla Model 3 can be a great idea, as this can bring a range of benefits, including:

  • Protecting the battery
  • All weather protection
  • Opening for charging port

Tesla Model 3 car covers can protecting the battery

If you choose a Tesla Model 3 car cover, this will be specifically designed for the exact Tesla model. This brings a range of benefits including sizing and fitting advantages, but the biggest benefit is that these are designed to protect the battery. Made from a ventilated mesh material, a Tesla Model 3 car cover can allow air to circulate around the vehicle, when covered. This means that when you are parked up in the summer, your Tesla Model 3 is less likely to switch the air conditioning on, to reduce overheating, and if it does, the air circulation can help the battery stay ventilated and protected. It’s a win all round!

Tesla Model 3 car covers offer all weather protection

A Tesla Model 3 car cover can protect your vehicle from all weather conditions. This includes:

  • Harmful UV rays, especially on very hot summer days- UV rays can cause paintwork on vehicles to become oxidized and appear rusty. A car cover for outdoor use on hot days can prevent this damage and keep your Tesla Model 3 in great condition.
  • Snow, frost and ice- damage to vehicles in cold weather can also be a problem. Snow, frost and ice can damage your paintwork, as well as your windscreen. A car cover can offer a high level of protection.
  • Heavy rain- heavy rain can lead to water ingress in some cases, especially if a window has been left slightly open. A car cover can keep the rain away from your car, preventing damage internally and externally.
  • Wind- while wind probably won’t damage your car, you should choose a car cover with a secure locking mechanisms in place, so that in heavy wind the cover remains secure and in place, offering maximum protection.

The car cover can also protect from damage including scratches and scuffs, as this is lined with a soft material to protect the paintwork.

Tesla Model 3 car covers will have an opening for the charging port

Choosing a car cover specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3 will have the added advantage of an opening for the charging port. This can be very beneficial as it means you can charge your Tesla with the cover on, providing protection from any external elements when charging outside, and protection from dust and scratches when charging inside.

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