Tesla Model 3 all weather floor mats

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All weather floor mats are a must have for any vehicle, including the Tesla Model 3. But what can this type of floor mat offer? And how do they protect your vehicle? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading EV accessory experts. As a result, we are often asked a number of questions about the all weather floor mats, and this is our guide to the Tesla Model 3 all weather floor mats FAQ’s.

1. Will any all weather floor mats fit my Tesla Model 3?

One of the first questions we are asked is if any generic, all weather floor mats will fit in the Tesla Model 3. While some generic branded floor mats might fit, the chances are that this is highly unlikely. You don’t just need the floor mats to fit into the space available, you also need them to be positioned to trap any dirt or moisture effectively too. Floor mats that are designed for the Tesla Model 3 specifically have a custom design that allows for high performance and improved protection too.

Another aspect to consider is that some products will be marketed specifically for the left hand drive Tesla’s and you will probably have a right hand drive Tesla Model 3, making these mats useless.

2. How do all weather floor mats protect the Tesla Model 3?

The all weather floor mats can protect the Tesla Model 3 in a number of ways, including:

· Preventing dirt and mud from staining the original carpet- driving with muddy shoes on is sometimes the only option. But with all weather floor mats, you wont need to worry about damaging your original Tesla Model 3 carpet. This is because the mats offer full coverage under foot.

  • Preventing water damage -The Tesla Model 3 all weather floor mats are designed to prevent water damage to your original carpets. With secure edges, the mats are designed to trap liquids inside the design, instead of flowing over the edge and onto your carpets. This means that even in the heaviest downpours, your Tesla Model 3 will be protected.
  • Protect against smells – Wet and dirty Tesla Model 3 carpets can become odorous over time, giving your vehicle an unpleasant smell. With the all weather floor mats though, you can prevent against this effectively. Not only are the floor mats themselves odourless, but they are also highly unlikely to absorb smells too, unlike soft material carpet.

3. Will all weather floor mats move around when driving?

A lot of people ask this question, thinking that perhaps if the mat is wet, then it may actually move around and slide while you are driving. But this is not the case. The all weather floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 use an anti-slip design underneath the mats to keep these in position as you drive, no matter the speed or weather conditions.

4. Are all weather floor mats easy to clean?

The answer to this one is a straight forward yes! Simply remove the floor mats from your vehicle and remove any dirt, mud, or debris, that may be stuck by rinsing and wiping with warm water. It couldn’t be easier!

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