Tesla Model 3 accessories that can help retain car value

tesla model 3 rear floor mat

There is an age old saying that once you drive a brand new vehicle off the forecourt, it’s already losing value. But it seems like Tesla models are bucking the trend, with the Model S and the Model 3 retaining resale value better than comparative petrol and diesel cars, and better than other electric vehicle brands. And one thing that can help to squeeze up the resale value of your car is the use of particular accessories, from day one. So what are the Tesla Model 3 accessories that can help retain car value? And how can these help? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for all manner of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to the top accessories you should consider, to help your Tesla retain a high resale value.

What are the Tesla Model 3 accessories that can help retain car value?

So, what are the accessories you should be installing as soon as possible? Well, there are several, including:

  • All weather floor mats – the condition of the mats in your vehicle is often something that is taken into consideration by the next purchaser of your Tesla Model 3. And dirty mats with water marks and mud stains are not going to make a good impression. And it’s also no way to treat a Tesla! That’s why purchasing some all weather floor mats is a great idea. This means that you can remove the standard issue mats, and keep these protected and safe. And you can also protect the cars carpet from water, dirt and mud damage too. So when you’re ready to upgrade, all you need to do is remove your used all weather mats, and replace these with the pristine standard issue ones.

Tesla model 3 all weather floor mats uk rhd

  • Centre console wrap – a centre console wrap is a great way to protect the centre console from scratches, dust, marks and grease, and it can keep your vehicle looking great. Available in a range of colours and styles, you can choose a console wrap to suit your stylistic preferences, and this can even be removed before resale if required. As a result, your new buyer will see a spotless centre console and a car in great condition. You should also consider a screen protector for the large touchscreen too, for the same reasons.

tesla model 3 centre console wrap

  • Windscreen sun protector – if you frequently park your Tesla Model 3 outside, you could be exposing it to the elements for long periods of time. In the summer months, the sun can cause a range of problems, including changing the colour of your interior seats and dashboard, causing this to degrade over time. A windscreen protector can provide the perfect solution, to keep your Tesla Model 3 in great condition. And it has the added advantage of providing more privacy too, so you can feel more secure about leaving your valuables inside the car.

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