Tesla Model 3 accessories for road trips

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The luxurious comfort and interior space of any Tesla Model 3 makes this the perfect vehicle for long journeys and road trips. But if you’re planning on putting your Tesla Model 3 through its paces, and embarking on a road trip, or even a camping or outdoor adventure, it always pays to be prepared. And with the number of electric vehicles not yet overtaking petrol/diesel or hybrid cars on the road, as an electric car driver, you can never be too prepared. In fact, there are a number of accessories you should consider purchasing, to make sure that your outdoor adventure is a success. But what are some of the most important Tesla Model 3 accessories for road trips? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts. And this is our guide to all the accessories you should consider for your road trip.

What are the most popular Tesla Model 3 accessories for road trips?

There are several accessories that any Tesla Model 3 owner should consider purchasing before embarking on a long distance trip, road trip or outdoor camping experience. These accessories can offer functional, practical advantages, and they include:

A  portable charging cable – when travelling any length of distance in an electric car, one of the things you will probably focus on is the location of the nearest charging stations. After all, running out of juice on the motorway, or a country road, is never going to be an ideal situation. Tesla Model 3’s can be charged in a range of places, including motorway services and other public electric vehicle charging stations. But you can also charge at some caravan and camping sites too. To do so, you may need a portable charging cable. Choosing a universal charging cable with a long length can be the best option to ensure you are prepared for all scenarios.

Collapsable boot organiser – this is the perfect way to keep your belongings organised for any road trip, and to prevent them rolling around in the boot or cargo well. With different compartments, you can separate clean clothes, food supplies and entertainment items, with a simple, organised system.

All weather floor mats – if you’re planning on seeing some of the great outdoors while adventuring or road tripping, all weather floor mats can be a good idea. These will protect your carpets and mats from dirt and rain marks, so you wont need to worry about changing your shoes, or keeping out of the mud!

Air mattress bed – for a really wild adventure, you could consider an air mattress bed. This is easily inflated and deflated and is secured into position on top of the folded down back seats. Made of incredibly durable material, this has become a popular option for festival goers, campers and all round travel.

For more information or advice about the different accessories for ling distance travel, get in touch with the team today here at EV Pimp.