Tesla Model 3 accessories every new owner should consider

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When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla are years ahead of their nearest rival, with high performance, luxury vehicles on offer. But if you have a new Tesla Model 3, there are some accessories that you should consider purchasing, that can enhance the appearance of your new car, as well as help to keep it protected. So what are these accessories? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to the accessories that every Tesla Model 3 owner should invest in.

What are the Tesla Model 3 accessories every new owner should consider?

There are a large variety of Tesla Model 3 accessories that can protect your car, or help to add aesthetic touches. But the accessories that every owner should consider include:

⦁ Wheel bands

⦁ Centre console wrap

⦁ Bright LED under-door puddle lights

Wheel bands

Wheel bands offer a high level of wheel rim protection that can help to keep your car looking great, and retaining value. The standard Tesla wheel rims can become easily scuffed, scratched or damaged with curb rash from all manner of low impact curb collisions. This can even occur when parallel parking, driving into car wash tracks, or when pulling up to drive throughs and ticket machines. Wheel bands can protect your wheel rims, as these will make contact first, reducing friction and preventing damage. And by keeping your wheels in great condition, you can even help to retain the value of your vehicle.

Centre console wrap

The standard centre console in the Tesla Model 3 looks incredible with the high gloss black finish. However, after just a few days of driving your new car, you will probably become distracted by the fingerprints, smudges and dust collecting on the surface. And it’s not just that, the surface can also be easily scratched. As a result, using a centre console vinyl kit allows you to overlay the centre console with a protective, visually attractive layer of vinyl. This can include carbon fibre finishes, as well as white and timber effect vinyl too. So not only can vinyl wraps offer protection, they are also useful for improving the interior aesthetic too.

Bright LED under-door puddle lights

The Tesla Model 3 offers a range of different interior lights. However, some of the standard lighting is not overly bright, especially the under-door puddle lights. These are designed to help illuminate the road underneath the door, so you and your passengers can see the surface. But to improve the quality of this light, you could consider installing some ultra-bright LED interior lights. These are up to 16 times brighter than the standard lights but are the same size and shape so they can be easily installed.

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