Steering wheel trims for the Tesla Model 3

Advantages of steering wheel trims for the Tesla Model 3

Customizing the interior of the Tesla Model 3 is a great way to increase practicality, as well as to add your own personality and design flair to the inside of one of the most popular electric vehicles. This can include seat covers, centre console wraps and steering wheel trims. But what are the advantages of steering wheel trims for the Tesla Model 3? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for all manner of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about steering wheel trims for the Tesla Model 3.

What are the advantages of steering wheel trims for the Tesla Model 3?

Steering wheel trims fit over the panels on your steering wheel, changing the surface texture and design, as well as the colour or style. Carbon fibre steering wheel trims are on of the most popular options, but why? Well, there are a number of advantages to installing steering wheel trims on the Tesla Model 3. These include:

  • Protecting the surface from scratches- the standard steering wheel panels on the Tesla Model 3 can be easily scratched and damaged, even by accident. This can reduce the overall visual quality of your Tesla Model 3. With carbon fibre trims your steering wheel will be fully protected because of the durability and high standard of the material. This is much more difficult to scratch, and is impact resistant.
  • Covering damage- if your Tesla Model 3 steering wheel has already become damaged, steering wheel trims can be the perfect way to cover this and help regain the high quality, luxury finish of the Tesla Model 3. This can also help improve the resale value of your Tesla Model 3 too.
  • High quality material- the carbon fibre steering wheel trims are made of the highest quality material. This ensures 100% durability and it also shows in the aesthetic appeal. The carbon fibre material is lightweight with a mat surface, that can really look impressive in your Tesla Model 3.
  • Pairs with other customization trims- the carbon fibre steering wheel trims can match perfectly with other customization options you might have already made, or be considering in the future. This includes carbon fibre dashboard and centre console trims as well as door trims. You can even choose carbon fibre trims for the windscreen wiper toggle too. When combined, you can create a fully customized Tesla Model 3.
  • Accurate fit and scale- as these steering wheel trims are made just for the Tesla Model 3, you can be sure of a perfect fit. These are designed to fit the exact curvature of the Tesla Model 3, as well as the size and shape, for a professional, high quality finish.
  • Simple installation- the steering wheel trims are easy to install, simply peel off the tape on the back of the product and apply this in position on your steering wheel panels. As a result, you can have a customized, stylish steering wheel in just a few minutes.

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