Service review – EV Charger Installation – Powerhouse!

ev charger installation by Powerhouse Preston

As you might expect as EV enthusiasts, we often get asked about EV charger installation. Who to talk to; which company will offer a quality service etc.

We’ve scoured the net looking for quality providers of EV charger installation services, and it is clear that the industry is still in its infancy. One UK based company did stand out to us online though, and that was Powerhouse Electrical Ltd, based in Preston in Lancashire.

We contacted the guys at Powerhouse to talk about EV charger installation, and to organise a new installation at our offices, also in the North of England.

From the moment we first spoke to the guys at Powerhouse, it was clear that they are as passionate about EVs (Tesla in particular) as we are, and we quickly got deep into a chat about the benefits and the joys which come from driving electric vehicles.

Powerhouse are OLEV accredited installers, experienced electricians and very easy to deal with. Their pricing was competitive too, so we booked an engineer to come out and get the job done.

The engineer turned up (in his own electric vehicle – a Tesla Model X no less) and was able to carry out the EV charger installation the same afternoon!

There was very little disruption to our day to day operations and we can now charge our vehicles quickly at work with our sleek new RolecEV charging unit.

We asked the guys at Powerhouse Electrical Ltd to comment on why they went into this industry. Here’s what they said…

“We love EVs, they drive great and you really do get a sense of doing something good for the environment. As electricians we’re fortunate in that there is set to be a huge boom in the requirement for EV charger points, both at peoples homes and at commercial premises. We wanted to hone our skills in this area and position ourselves as the number one provider of EV charge points, delivering an outstanding service at a great price. EV charge point installation is not the only service we provide, but we enjoy the work, and the customers are always made up when there are finally able to quickly charge their electric vehicles at home.” Steve. Powerhouse Electrical Ltd.

In summary, if you are in the north of England and you are considering having an EV charge point installed at home or at work – we can 100% vouch for Powerhouse Electrical Ltd. A great service for EV drivers.