PU leather seat covers for the Tesla Model 3

tesla model 3 seat covers

Choosing new seat covers for the Tesla Model 3 is a great way to personalize and customise your vehicle, while protecting the original seats and material too. But why should you choose PU leather seat covers for the Tesla Model 3?

Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 PU leather seat covers.

What is PU leather?

PU leather is a type of artificial leather material that is made of thermoplastic polymer. 100% PU leather is completely artificial and vegan. This is a resilient and durable material that does not have the negative impacts associated with cheap real leather, like ammonia and formaldehyde.

What are the advantages of PU leather seat covers for the Tesla Model 3?

There are a number of advantages to choosing this type of seat cover for your Tesla Model 3. These advantages include:

  • A high quality finish- the Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle designed to exude quality, luxury and high end design. From the high gloss centre console and dashboard, to the stunning external design, high quality can be found throughout. As a result, any seat covers you do add need to enhance the design, and not detract from what is an otherwise stunning finish. PU leather seat covers can do just this. These provide a high quality, high end finish to your Tesla Model 3, more so than other seat cover material options. As a result, you can be sure that your new seat covers will be the perfect fit.
  • Whole surround design- unlike other seat covers, these PU leather seat covers will surround the whole of the seat, and not just the front. This allows your seats to lo stunning from all angles, and makes it difficult to tell that you have even installed seat covers at all. This also provides a professional, visual result too.
  • Practical- Specially designed just for the Tesla Model 3 measurements, these seat covers will not interfere with movement, seat-belts or even the armrest. This is because the seat covers are made to measure, which also makes installation easy!
  • Functional- PU leather seat covers are not just designed for style and visual effect. They are also highly functional. These seat covers are durable and wear-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about replacing these any time soon. They are also anti-static and breathable so you can have a positive driving experience using these seat covers.
  • Colour options- PU leather seat covers are available in three different colour options to suit your Tesla Model 3 style and overall colour scheme. The ever popular black seats can be a good fit for any colour vehicle, while white and red seat covers can help make a bold statement.

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