Practical accessories for the Tesla Model 3

top 3 tesla model 3 accessories

With a top speed of 162 mph and a killer acceleration (0-60 in just 3.2 seconds!) it’s no wonder that the Tesla Model 3 has caused such a storm in the world of electric vehicles. And while even the most reluctant EV driver would be hard pressed to find fault with the performance, safety and range of the Tesla Model 3, there are some small practical accessories that can make your EV ride even better. So what are the most effective practical accessories for the Tesla Model 3? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for electric vehicles. And these are some of our preferred practical accessories.

1. Ultra-bright LED interior lights

The interior lights included with the Tesla Model 3 are numerous, including:

  • glove box lighting
  • boot lighting
  • under-door puddle lights
  • driver and passenger foot-well lights

However, some of the lighting can be a little bit on the low side. To improve the quality of light in your boot, why not try some ultra-bright LED interior lights? These have the same dimensions of the existing lights, but are actually 16 times brighter. So you’ll never lose any loose shopping in the boot again! You can also use these to replace other interior lights, including the under-door puddle lights and glove box light.

2. All weather floor mats

While the Tesla Model 3 does have floor mats, you might live in an area where switching these out for all weather floor mats is a great idea. Tesla do offer their own range of floor mats, but there are other leading brands to choose from as well. These include MAXpider and TuxMat. The key things to compare across different brands include:

The visual style and appeal- different brand floor mats can add a different visual style to your car. So make sure you choose something you like the look of.

The floor coverage and fit- your floor mats need to cover the designated space with a close fit, to protect the car underneath. These also need to be very stable, with no movement.

The durability and resistance to all weather conditions- in heavy rain, ordinary floor mats can become wet and slippy, making driving conditions more difficult. All weather floor mats should easily cope with a wide range of weather conditions, without issue

You could even consider changing boot/trunk mats to match your all weather floor mats too.

3.  Console wraps

The centre console in the Tesla Model 3 looks stunning, but it does have some practical disadvantages. Fingerprints and dust stand out on this surface, and it can be easily scratched with rings, jewelry, phones, and anything else you might be carrying. There are a range of console wraps available to protect this centre console from scratches and marks, as well as dust, and these can also help to customize your car visually too.

Why not take a look at what we can offer today, here at EV Pimp?