Benefits of a control screen protector for the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a high performance, high-tech electric vehicle. One of its key features is the centre control screen. But what is this for? And why should you consider installing a protector? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about control screen protectors for the Tesla Model 3.

What is the Tesla Model 3 control screen?

The Tesla Model 3 control screen is the central focus of the vehicle itself. The 15-inch touchscreen is mounted in front of the dashboard and acts as the primary interface for most of the electric vehicle’s systems. Not only is this is a key functional feature of the Tesla Model 3, it also adds to the overall visual style and design too. But why should you consider a screen protector?

What are the benefits of a control screen protector for the Tesla Model 3?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to installing a protector for the control screen of the Tesla Model 3. These benefits include:

  • Eliminating dust and finger prints- on such a clear, visual part of the Tesla Model 3, both dust and fingerprints can show up very visually. Not only can this be distracting, but it also reduces the visual impact of the high quality tech. As a result, reducing the appearance of these, or eliminating these altogether, is a great option. And a screen protector can do just that. This helps your control screen look great at all times, in all lighting conditions.
  • Scratch resistant- unfortunately, the control screen itself can also become damaged with scratches, marks or chips. Not only can this lead to expensive repairs or replacements, but it also lowers the visual appeal of your Tesla Model 3 too. Applying a screen protector is a great way to prevent against scratches and impact damage, as well as covering any existing damage, without losing the visual or sensory quality of the screen itself.
  • Ultra thin- the control screen protector is ultra thin, despite being made of different layers, including tempered glass. At 0.25mm thick, your control screen will look just like normal, and you wont notice any differences at all when using the touchscreen features. It also means that you can enjoy the screen in it’s usual HD resolution, with full colour, without negative interference from the screen protector.
  • Easy to install- designed specifically for the Tesla Model 3 control screen, the screen protector is made to measure and easy to install. Simply peel off the adhesive and apply to the screen. If you do experience some application bubbling, these should be wiped from the centre of the screen towards the edges, and be removed easily and quickly.

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