Advantages of window trim modifications for the Tesla Model 3

Here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. From front lip spoilers, to car seat covers, we can offer a wide range of accessories for your Tesla Model 3. This includes window frame wraps, or window trim. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 window trim modifications.

What are window trim mods for the Tesla Model 3?

Window trims or frame modifications are professional and highly effective wrap options for your exterior window trims. These can transform the exterior of your vehicle, when applied over the top of the existing exterior window frames.

What are the advantages of window trim modifications for the Tesla Model 3?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to choosing this type of modification for the outside of your Tesla Model 3. These include:

  • Visually effective- covering the standard factory fitting window trims, that are a shiny chrome, can improve the visual appeal of your Tesla Model 3. These window trim wraps are high gloss black instead, which allows you to personalize and customize your car, while also creating a stylish and high performance visual effect.
  • Matching other exterior trim options- other exterior trim wraps include those for the front fog lights, and the door handles. Matching the window frame trim with these small details can help to complete the look for your Tesla Model 3.
  • Cheaper than a wrap- these window trim details are cheaper than a full professional wrap for the Tesla Model 3, yet can be just as visually effective. This means that you can achieve the customized look you want, without spending over the odds.
  • Easy to install- window trim mods are easy to install and can be put on in just 10 minutes. These are strips of high quality ABS plastic, and they have a heavy duty, self adhesive strip on the reverse, so all you need to do is remove this, and apply the trims, exactly where you want them. You can also remove these without causing any damage to your vehicle too, and the installation process itself is completely non damaging.
  • Fully covered- these window trim mods are fully wrapped, which means that the edges are fully covered too. As a result when you open your Tesla Model 3 doors, the glossy back finish will still be shown on the edge, and not the original chrome finish. This increases the professional appeal of the window trims.
  • Protective qualities too- it’s not just the visual qualities of the car that are important to consider. Accessories and modifications can also bring practical and functional advantages too. These window trims offer full weather protection, as well as being anti-scratch and wear resistant. The original chrome can be easy to scratch and mark, so installing these can not only cover any existing damage, but also prevent any further damage.

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