Advantages of tinted fog light overlays for your Tesla Model 3

Here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 tinted fog light overlays.

What are tinted fog light overlays?

Tinted fog light overlays are a type of membrane that can be installed over the top of the standard fog lights. However, instead of simply being clear or fully transparent,like other protective fog light overlays, these are semi translucent for a tinted, more sporty effect.

What are the advantages of tinted fog light overlays?

There are a number of advantages to installing tinted fog light overlays on your Tesla Model 3. These include:

  • Protecting your vehicle
  • Being easy to install
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Creating a high performance visual result

Tinted fog light overlays can protect your Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 headlights and fog lights can be severely affected by impact from road debris and dirt over time. This can lead to scratches and even chips and scuffs on your headlights, which reduces the overall visual quality of your Tesla Model 3. By installing overlays, you can protect your Tesla Model 3 from these scratches because the membrane offers a scratch-resistant surface. You can also protect your Tesla Model 3 from bugs, dirt, road salt, sand, and road debris, as well as UV damage from consistent exposure to the sun, and chemical damage from exposure to car cleaning products. In addition, when removing the tinted fog light overlays, even after several years, the paint will not be damaged.

Tinted fog light overlays are easy to install

These fog light overlays are incredibly easy to install. They are skin-tight to the surface of the Tesla Model 3 fog lights and headlights and are self adhesive. And as these are made specifically for the Tesla Model 3 they are made to measure. This means you will not have to cut the overlay to size or shape and can simply install these straight from the packaging.

Tinted fog light overlays are made from the highest quality materials

Made from premium quality materials, these overlays will not shrink or discolour over time, and can easily be cleaned and maintained with just water. These overlays are designed to last for the duration of your Tesla Model 3 and as they are impact, scratch, and UV resistant, you can count on this longevity for maximum protection.

Tinted fog light overlays offer a high-performance visual result

The Tesla Model 3 headlights and fog lights are designed to look sporty and high performance. With an aggressive angle and attention to detail the visual effect is almost perfect. However, these headlights are quite bright and light and are one of the first things that can be seen on your Tesla Model 3. Using a tinted overlay allows you to create the perfect high performance result while also providing long lasting protection.

These overlays have a medium tint which is one of the most popular options, and allows the headlights to blend in to the rest of the black finishes and details across the Tesla Model 3.

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