Advantages of carbon fibre centre console wraps

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Centre Console Wrap Kit

Installing a centre console wrap kit is a popular choice for many Tesla Model 3 owners. This is because the standard issue, high gloss, piano black centre console can be impractical. Despite the stunning appearance, this surface is easy to scratch or damage accidentally, and is also prone to glare, as well as showing off dust and fingerprints.

Carbon fibre can be a great option for your centre console, but what are the advantages of carbon fibre centre console wraps? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for all manner of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about carbon fibre centre console wraps.

What are the advantages of carbon fibre centre console wraps?

Choosing a carbon fibre effect finish for your centre console wrap can be a great option, bringing a number of advantages. These include:

  • Matching with other wrap kits
  • Adding a high performance finish
  • Increasing protection

Match carbon fibre centre console wraps with other wrap kits

Because the carbon fibre design or style is so popular, this is available for all of the interior wrap kits. This means that by choosing a carbon fibre finish for your centre console wrap, you can pair this with a carbon fibre dashboard wrap, as well as any interior trims or door finishes. This can help to create a stunning all round result, that adds a high level of style to your Tesla Model 3. It also means that you can protect other areas of the interior of your Tesla Model 3, with the same high quality, high performance material.

Carbon fibre wraps offer a high performance finish

Carbon fibre is a textured design option that is more elegant and sophisticated than the high gloss piano black material that comes as standard. And it is often used in high performance vehicles, and so is associated with high end design. The textured pattern adds visual interest, while the carbon colour is a stylish blend, different from a plain black or grey finish. At the same time, carbon fibre has a mat finish which does not highlight dust, or finger marks in the same way that a high gloss finish will. This mat finish also means that the carbon fibre centre console wrap is anti-glare, helping to increase safety while driving, especially on bright sunny days.

A carbon fibre centre console wrap increases protection

In addition, a carbon fibre centre console wrap can offer a high level of protection. Designed to be scratch and impact resistant, as well as odourless, waterproof and UV resistant, you can be sure that your centre console wrap will not be damaged by regular activities, or even the sun in hot, bright weather. This can also be applied to cover any existing damage or scratches that may have occurred.

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