Advantages of B pillar trims for the Tesla Model 3

Visual customization to the Tesla Model 3 can be a great way to personalise your electric vehicle. But when these additions are practical as well as visually appealing, this can be the perfect combination. B pillar trims for the Tesla Model 3 can offer this, but what are the advantages of B pillar trims for the Tesla Model 3? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 B pillar trims.

What are B pillars?

Every vehicle has vertical struts which connect the chassis to the roof of the car, providing protection from crushing, should the vehicle rollover. These are designated A to D on large vehicles, but most vehicles have only A-C pillars, starting at the front of the vehicle.
The B pillar is the pillar between the front and rear windows of the vehicle, in the middle of the car. The front door latches to the B Pillar, while the rear door hinges off the B-Pillar. So why should you install B pillar trims?

What are the advantages of B pillar trims for the Tesla Model 3?

There are a number of advantages to choosing B pillar trims for the Tesla Model 3. These include:

⦁ Protecting the pillar from damage- the B pillar in any vehicle can be easily damaged, especially accidentally. This is because many people close the front door using them, which can lead to scratches. At the same time, sun exposure can cause staining or fading, oils from the hands can mark the paintwork and improper techniques used when washing the vehicle can lead to scratches. This can lower the appearance and the visual appeal of the Tesla Model 3 quite significantly. However, B pillar trims can be a great way to offer protection to this part of the vehicle. These are durable and hard wearing so you won’t need to worry about scratches or minor impacts, and they are also UV and rain resistant too! This can help keep your Tesla Model 3 looking great for longer.
⦁ Cover damage- as outlined above, the B pillars on your Tesla Model 3 are very easy to damage. If these have already become scratched, marked or dented, you can easily transform the appearance of the B pillars by applying a high quality trim. These are made from top quality plastic, and they provide a high level of protection, while also covering any existing damage.
⦁ High performance style- the B pillar trims for the Tesla Model 3 can not only make a big visual difference to any areas of damage, but these trims can transform your vehicle in general. The high quality material is sure to stand out, and the high quality Tesla logo at the base really creates a sporty and a high performance visual effect.
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