Advantages of a Tesla Model 3 smart ring key card replacement

The Tesla Model 3 comes with an RFID key card that is used to open up your vehicle, and let you drive. And you can also use your smart phone for this too. But what happens if you lose your key card, or your mobile device is out of battery? Well, the smart ring has been designed as the perfect solution. But what are the advantages of a Tesla Model 3 smart ring key card replacement? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the smart ring key card replacement for the Tesla Model 3.

What is a smart ring for the Tesla Model 3?

A smart ring is a specially designed ring that is made from Zirconia ceramics, and is fitted with a key card chip for the Tesla Model 3. All you need to do is set up the smart ring, and you can use this instead of your mobile device, or original key card.

What are the advantages of a Tesla Model 3 smart ring key card replacement?

There are several advantages to choosing this smart accessory for the Tesla Model 3. These advantages include:

  • Easy to set up- it is easy and straight forward to set up the smart ring, with three simple steps. First, navigate to the “Add a phone key” or “Add a key fob or key card”screen on the centre console. Second, put the ring on the centre console, and then thirdly, remove the ring and tap with the original key card to confirm the new pairing. As a result, you can begin using your new smart ring just moments after purchase.
  • Always have access to your vehicle- with the smart ring key card replacement, you can always have access to your Tesla Model 3. There are occasions where we may lose or misplace our smartphones, or even the original key card without even realizing! And this can make it difficult to get back inside your own car. Not to mention the occasions where the mobile device has no service, or no battery. But the smart ring is an accessory you can wear, and you’ll be far less likely to lose this.
  • Laser engraving options- laser engraving options are available for the Tesla Model 3 smart ring. This means you can customize and personalize your new accessory to suit you, or even gift this to a loved one. Names and logos are both popular choices for laser engraving.
  • Multiple sizes- this ring is available in two different width sizes, 7 mm and 9 mm. This means you can choose the right size and shape for your hand, for the best visual and aesthetic results. Designed in black, this smart ring can be the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, and it is available in a wide range of ring sizes.

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