Advantages of a steering wheel counterweight for the Tesla Model 3

While most accessories for the Tesla Model 3 offer visual and aesthetic benefits, there are some that can bring practical advantages, and others that can actually improve the driving experience itself. One such accessory is the steering wheel counterweight ring. But what is this? And what are the advantages of a steering wheel counterweight for the Tesla Model 3?  Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about steering wheel counterweights for the Tesla Model 3.

What are the advantages of a steering wheel counterweight for the Tesla Model 3?

Choosing a counterweight for the Tesla Model 3 steering wheel can bring a range of benefits and advantages for your driving experience. These include:

⦁              Simple hands free driving- the Tesla Model 3 can drive itself with autopilot mode. But unfortunately, for this to work, it still needs the weight of your hands. But what about those occasions when you really need to take both hands off the wheel, when the vehicle is in autopilot mode? Well, that is what a the steering wheel counter weight is for. This adds the necessary weight helping to keep your vehicle safe and steady, without relying on other unsafe methods.

⦁              Safe auto-pilot mode- Some people have taken matters into their own hands, and created their own counterweights with whatever items are at hand. These have included an orange, a mobile phone, or even a water bottle. But the counterweight ring is much safer, and is less likely to cause an accident or distraction while driving. This is secure and locked in place, so it won’t fall off when turning corners or due to road vibration.

⦁              Compact design- smaller than the size of a smart phone, this counterweight ring wont take up much storage space in the Tesla Model 3, and wont take up too much room on your steering wheel. This means it easier to drive with.

⦁              Easy to install- this steering wheel counterweight is easy to install with just one hand. This is designed with a strong magnet, that can secure the counterweight ring in place with ease and prevent buckling, increasing stability. So as soon as you make the switch to autopilot mode, your can sit back and relax, and give your arms a rest. You will still need to give the road your whole attention though!

⦁              Stylish design- available in either black or silver, the steering wheel counterweight ring has a stylish design to suit the rest of the Tesla. On such a high performance vehicle, the style of any additions can be an important consideration and you can rest assured that the counterweight ring will fit right in!

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