Advantages of a panoramic glass roof sunshade for your Tesla Model 3

Advantages of a panoramic glass roof sunshade for your Tesla Model 3

The panoramic glass roof is a key part of the Tesla Model 3, and a big draw for many potential owners. And while this can offer stunning views as you drive, and really bring the outside in, it also has some disadvantages, associated with in car temperature and glare. Installing a sunshade on these glass panels can make a world of difference. So what are the advantages of a panoramic glass roof sunshade for your Tesla Model 3? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading experts when it comes to accessories for all manner of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about glass roof sunshades for the Tesla Model 3.

What are the advantages of a panoramic glass roof sunshade for your Tesla Model 3?

There are several advantages to choosing a panoramic glass roof sunshade, including:

  • Improving in car temperature control
  • Reducing in vehicle glare
  • Protecting interior vehicle surfaces
  • Ease of storage and installation

A sunshade for the panoramic glass roof can help control in car temperature

In the warm summer weather, it can be very important to control the temperature inside your vehicle. But with the sun streaming through the panoramic glass roof, this can be quite difficult. Especially as the glass amplifies this heat, creating an in car greenhouse effect. Using the air conditioning is a common solution, but this also uses battery power, and is not a useful option in some situations. But blocking two-thirds of solar thermal load with a sunshade specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3, to reduce heat transmission can make a dramatic difference to the in car temperature. This can also help ensure that the driving temperature and conditions are comfortable for you, keeping you safe while driving.

Sunshades can help reduce glare

Installing a sunshade for both the front and rear panoramic glass can dramatically help to reduce glare on bright days. This is because these windows allow a lot of natural light to flood your car from above, and this can reflect from the high gloss centre console, and create glare on the centre console screen, or even from the dashboard and windscreen. Sunshades designed for these roof panels will be able to block most of this light, so that you can enjoy safer driving conditions in the sun.

A panoramic glass roof sunshade can protect interior vehicle surfaces

If your Tesla Model 3 is parked outside in the sun frequently, for fairly lengthy periods of time, you could find that the interior colours of your vehicle have been bleached by the brightness of the light. This can effect the colour of your seats, the centre console, and the dashboard, causing the quality of these surfaces to degrade over time. By using a sunshade designed for the panoramic glass roof, you can reduce the amount of light reaching your vehicle and help to protect the interior of your Tesla Model 3. This can also help your vehicle to retain value.

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