Advantages of a neck pillow for the Tesla Model 3

While the Tesla Model 3 is designed with luxury and performance in mind, it could always benefit from some additional comfort. And one way to add this is to install a Here at EV Pimp, we are the leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. From performance tail spoilers, to leather floor mats, and vinyl wraps, we have everything you need to customize your Tesla Model. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the advantages of a neck pillow for the Tesla Model 3.

What is a neck pillow?

A neck pillow is a specially designed neck support pillow that can be installed underneath the head rest on the driver or passenger seat of the car.

What are the advantages of a neck pillow for the Tesla Model 3?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to installing a neck pillow on the Tesla Model 3. These advantages include:

  • Full support- these neck pillows offer full support for your head and neck while driving. This pillow allows the head to remain in a better position for the duration of your journey, and is very effective for longer road trips as well as short drives. This neck pillow is also helpful for anyone with neck or nerve pain as the pillow provides full support to this area.
  • Comfortable driving- because this neck pillow provides full support, you will find that driving, especially over long distances is much more comfortable. You will be less likely to arrive at your destination with neck, arm or shoulder pain and even for short drives this pillow can protect he head and neck from bumps and road vibrations associated with uneven surfaces.
  • High quality material- this neck pillow for the Tesla Model 3 is made from the highest quality materials. The inner core that forms the basis of this product is made from space memory foam which allows the pillow to be shaped to your requirements, for maximum comfort. The outside of the pillow is made from premium grade leather that is tough and durable. The neck pillow is designed to withstand scratches and impact, and to be hard-wearing. So you should be able to keep this in your vehicle long term, without any loss of quality.
  • Multiple uses- installing the neck pillow for the Tesla Model 3 also means that you have a stylish, supportive and comfortable neck pillow with you wherever you go. From air travel to sunbathing, camping to napping, this neck pillow can be used in multiple locations for many different purposes.
  • Easy to install and maintain- installation of this product is easy as the neck pillow simply attaches using an adjustable elastic strap. Maintaining this is easy as well, because the cover can be unzipped and removed for easy cleaning.

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