Advantages of 3D surround seat covers for the Tesla Model 3

Here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 3D surround seat covers.

What are 3D surround seat covers?

3D surround seat covers are seat covers that surround the entire seat, and not just the front. These cover every detail of the seats, including the back seat armrest and provide all-round protection for your seats.

What are the advantages of 3D surround seat covers for the Tesla Model 3?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing 3D surround seat covers for the Tesla Model 3. These advantages include:

  • 360-degree protection
  • Professional finish
  • Full functionality
  • Excellent fit

3D surround seat covers offer 360 degree protection for Tesla Model 3 seats

By installing 3D surround seat covers you can ensure that all parts of your Tesla Model 3 seats are covered and protected. All of the edges are designed to slot into position behind the plastic panel on the back of the seats, protecting the shoulders and sides, as well as the edges of your seats from wear, tear, stains and potential damage.

3D surround seat covers offer a professional finish

3D surround seat covers are made from the highest quality PU leather. This means that there is no ammonia or bad smell to the material, helping keep you safe when driving long distances. And this also makes the leather seat covers incredibly hard-wearing and durable. This high quality, wear resistant PU leather is scratch resistant and is not likely to be damaged by any accidental knocks or bumps. In face, these seat covers are incredibly long lasting, and will remain looking as good as new for a long time to come. The high quality stitching and colour schemes are also factors that help to present a more professional image, that is sure to fit with the sporty, high performance edge of your Tesla Model 3.

3D surround seat covers preserve full functionality

Designed specifically for the Tesla Model 3 these 3D seat covers fully surround your seats without causing any functionality problems. Seat belt clips will still be open and easy to use, while the very important airbags and safety features will also remain fully working and usable with no problems.

3D surround seat covers offer an excellent fit

These 3D surround seat covers are specially designed to fit perfectly for the seats in the Tesla Model 3. Not only does this help to make installation a little bit easier, because the seat covers have an exact fit, but this also means that there is increased safety while driving. You can be sure that these seat covers will not move or slip which can help prevent driving distraction and help keep your Tesla Model 3 looking brilliant.

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