Accessories for the Tesla Model 3 boot

Tesla Model 3 Front and Rear Trunk Boot Mat

The Tesla Model is a sleek, stunning, high performance electric vehicle that is one of the most popular Tesla Models available. And with a lot of storage space, and a luxury feel, the popularity is no surprise. But there are a wide range of accessories available that can transform your Tesla Model 3 day to day experience, including accessories that add an increased level of practicality. These include accessories for the Tesla Model 3 boot. But what type of accessories can you choose from, and what kind of advantages can these boot accessories bring? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 boot accessories.

What are the most effective accessories for the Tesla Model 3 boot?

There are a number of accessories that any Tesla Model 3 owner should consider for the boot of the vehicle. These can be very practical, and increase the day to functionality of your electric car. The most effective accessories for the boot of a Tesla Model 3 include:

A boot liner

A full boot liner is a great idea for any Tesla Model 3. Not only does this fully cover the floor of the boot, but it also provides a back seat protector, side covers and either a bumper flap or down tailgate cover. You should opt for a boot liner that has a non-stick base to ensure that there is no movement, and to help any items in the boot also grip the floor mat and not slide around as much. In addition, you need to makes sure that your boot liner is machine washable, to help keep it looking and smelling great all year round. This is a protective as well as a practical accessory as it can protect the original boot mats and carpet from damage and spills, helping to retain a high resale value too.

All weather floor mats

If a boot liner might not be the kind of accessory that you want to shell out for, all weather floor mats can be a good compromise. While these will provide a high level of protection for the carpet and base of your boot, the sides and the back of the seats will be left unprotected. However, all weather floor mats are designed to protect the floor of your vehicle specifically from water damage, mud and stains, so you don’t need to worry about damage from those wet shopping bags, or your muddy walking boots.

A boot storage organiser

For any vehicle there is often a certain amount of equipment that will need storing in the boot, including equipment to help in an emergency situation. For an electric vehicle, a lot of this equipment is still needed, while drivers also need to be sure they have a suitable, compatible charging cable available too, for any unexpected scenarios. When this is paired with shopping, or general items for driving trips, this can all take up a lot space. A boot storage organiser can be used to effectively categorize and store these items to prevent movement and rattling while driving. And using a storage system can also help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whenever you need it. That’s a win/win in our book.

Boot lighting upgrade

The Tesla Model 3 uses a number of interior lights, including boot lights. This makes it much easier to seethe contents of your boot in the dark, and can be very beneficial. However, the standard lights do not provide a high level of brightness. That’s why you should consider replacing these with an LED upgrade. Available in a range of colours, these lights are quick and simple to replace, just swapping out the standard lights for the new ones. 

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