Accessories for Tesla Model 3 doors

tesla model 3 carbon fibre effect door handle sticker

When thinking about accessories for the Tesla Model 3, it’s easy to overlook the doors completely, and just focus on the interior of the vehicle, or the exterior as a whole. But the doors themselves are one of the first things that any of your passengers will notice. And there are a number of accessories that you could consider. So what are the most popular accessories for Tesla Model 3 doors? Well, here at EV Pimp, we are leading electric vehicle accessory experts, specializing in the Tesla Model 3. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Tesla Model 3 door accessories.

What are the most popular accessories for Tesla Model 3 doors?

There are several accessories that make subtle changes or enhancements to the Tesla Model 3 doors. These include:

Door handle vinyl wrap

If your want to change the appearance of the exterior of your doors, door handle vinyl wraps can be very effective. These can change the colour and texture of your door handle, transforming these into key features of your vehicle. Why not opt for a carbon fibre effect? Or even a contrasting colour?

Door sill protective vinyl

This accessory is great for protecting the inside of your door sills, which can become scratched or damaged easily, with regular use. But by using a vinyl wrap on the interior door sills, you can prevent this damage, and help your Tesla Model 3 retain a high resale value. These are available in a range of colours to suit your interior design tastes, as well as clear vinyl just for protection.

Soft closing door kit

One of the more expensive accessory options is the soft closing door kit. These use magnetic induction to allow the vehicle doors to close slowly and gracefully, while also detecting any objects in the way, including your hands or fingers. So with this accessory, you can also keep your passengers safe too. And don’t worry about installation, as the soft closing door kit is absolutely not destructive.

Window and door switch decals

If you opt for a centre console wrap, and a dashboard wrap to replace the piano black standard option in the Tesla Model 3, then you should also consider window and door switch decals. On the inside of the Tesla Model 3 door, these switches use the piano black material, that is easily scratched, and attracts dust and fingerprint marks. The decals can easily be applied to this area, changing the colour of these, but also adding a level of protection too.

Car Door Lock Caps

Replacing the lock caps on the Tesla Model 3 can be a practical choice. These are waterproof and dust proof and offer a high level of anti-corrosion, while keeping your vehicle looking great.

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